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When it comes to tree Removal Eddie has been climbing and removing trees for over twenty five years.  Tree removal is his specialty.  Eddie has the knowledge to rig and piece out any tree .  We will always give you a fair price when it comes to tree removal.  Having one of the areas most experienced and knowledgable tree climbers in  Estabrook gets the job done safely and effeciently everytime.  We protect your garden and property with respect.  With 25 years without a single incident  you know you are truely getting the best in the busines

Tree Trimming


Tree health and aeshetics is truely an art of a combined knowledge of how trees grow and react to pruning.  Trimming trees is the one area that we honestly love doing.  during the estimate Eddie will discuss your needs and make a plan to balance the health of your trees and the enviroment you desire.  structure and fire clearance is key for our rural customers and we focus on each residence and its needs  An added focus on safety on the larger trees and training on younger trees. Experience is key in the proper trimming of your trees and our standards and experience outdo our competitors

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Use us because we care  about our work your trees and yard,  but most importantly our customers being happy that the hired a company who is not just professional but fair and leaves the job clean. WE always make sure your trimming within the guidelines of your jurisdiction and have the proper permits if needed.    We also are insured for Commercial Properties so if you need your place of business being in tip top shape give us a call for our free consultaion and estimate 




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